Phase I Clinical Trial of GXV-001 Initiated in Australia

GEXVal Inc. is pleased to announce that we have officially initiated phase I clinical trial of its drug candidate GXV-001 in Australia through its wholly owned subsidiary GEXVal AU Pty Ltd, and completed first dose in human.  

This study is planned to investigate the safety and pharmacokinetics of GXV-001 in healthy volunteers, and also to confirm the mechanism of action (PoM: Proof of Mechanism) in human. 

GXV-001 is a drug candidate for the treatment of several neurological disorders, including rare diseases. We received approval from the Australian Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) to conduct the clinical trial on June 10, 2022. Following the site preparation the recruitment of subjects was underway. 

GEXVal Inc. will strive to address unmet medical needs in rare diseases and deliver innovative medicine to patients and their families who are waiting for better treatment options. 


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