GEXVal Interviewed at World Fragile X Day

GEXVal Inc.
August 10, 2022

GEXVal announced today that Dr. Lili Mao, Director of the Clinical Development Unit and Head of the Project Management Office at GEXVal, was invited as a speaker at World Fragile X Day (Fragile X syndrome) on July 22, 2022.

The event was co-hosted by FRAXA Research Foundation (FRAXA), and Dr. Mao was invited as one of the 35 experts around the world.

During the interview, Dr. Mao highlighted the importance of Access to medicine which is extremely important in the area of rare diseases, and shared how a promising candidate drug was identified for Fragile X Syndrome through drug repurposing to discover new uses for existing drugs. Dr. Mao also presented recent progress that a phase-1 study initiation was approved by the Australian regulatory authority and future prospects for the clinical development.

Please find below the event website.
Fragile X Syndrome: Innovative Approaches to Finding a Cure - WuXi XPress: for WuXi news and R&D insights (

The contents of this interview can be viewed at the link below.
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FRAXA, a Fragile X Syndrome patient association, supports patients and their family members, provides research funding for the R&D of drugs, and manages academic congresses and educational programs. Through these efforts, FRAXA pursues the development of new therapies for Fragile X Syndrome.


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