Article by GEXVal CEO Published in Medical Science Digest

GEXVal Inc.
November 28, 2019

Article by GEXVal CEO Juran Kato titled “Drug repositioning bringing alternative therapeutic options to rare disease patients” published in the December 2019 edition of Medical Science Digest 

GEXVal announces today that an article by GEXVal CEO Dr. Juran Kato, co-written with GEXVal senior advisor Andrew Baxendale (in clinical strategy and business development), was published in the “Industry News” section of the December 2019 edition of Medical Science Digest* (editor, Dr. Kenjiro Kosaki [head of the Center for Medical Genetics at the Keio University School of Medicine]) under the issue’s theme of “Future of medical care for undiagnosed diseases through whole genome analysis.” The article, titled “Drug repositioning bringing alternative therapeutic options to rare disease patients,” outlines the background of efficient & strategic drug repositioning using artificial intelligence (AI) and real world data (RWD), along with introducing details on GEXVal’s latest activities.

* About Medical Science Digest
Medical Science Digest is a monthly digest journal. Against a backdrop in which, in recent days, the barrier between basic sciences and clinical medicine has been greatly reduced, this journal is published after special editorial review by Professor Tasuku Honjo, a Nobel Prize winner and head of the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University , for busy life sciences scientists and clinicians as an attempt to provide “an opportunity to obtain the latest progress and information about life sciences via the work of related professionals.”

The article presents an outline of the latest statuses of drugs for rare diseases, the background of drug repositioning, and the challenges associated with such repositioning. Furthermore, from serendipity (discovery by chance) through to a strategic approach, the article states that drug repositioning has been evolved in recent years. The current trends and future directions are also presented. The article also relays that significant unmet medical needs exist for rare diseases and that, rather than very expensive drugs for which only a limited number of people can have access, efforts have been made to provide affordable drugs to everyone and to achieve a sustainable society that eliminates inequalities in health care. Finally, various industry efforts are presented, including those of GEXVal and other Japanese and overseas biotechnology companies.

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We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Tasuku Honjo (special editor of the journal) and to the editorial members of Medical Science Digest (published by New Sciences, Co. Ltd.) for this very precious opportunity.

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