Dr. Juran Kato attended the LESI HTBC Asia

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April 30, 2021 

Dr. Juran Kato attended the LESI HTBC Asia 


GEXVal CEO, Dr. Juran Kato, attended the High Tech Business Conference (HTBC) Asia held on April 28 – 30, 2021.  

This event is a business conference jointly organized by LES International and the European Patent Office, and is a place to learn how to utilize intellectual property, among other subjects, for business success. This year, it was a hybrid event held online and locally in Singapore. 

GEXVal CEO, Dr. Juran Kato, participated as a panelist in Plenary Session 1 "Making Money from Technology" on Day 2 of the event. Business people and experts from various fields came together to clarify their role in the ecosystem and value chain, and actively discussed how to utilize intellectual property and build relationships with stakeholders for business growth. 

About LESI 
The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) is a specialist group attended by more than 10,000 intellectual property and licensing professionals, corporate management, legal professionals, and diverse experts from industry, government, and academia from 33 countries and territories.  

Link to LESI International Headquarters:  https://www.lesi.org/about 
Japan branch link: https://www.lesj.org/about/lesj/ 

Link to the event 
Home: https://www.redevents.com.sg/lesi-highgrowthtech2021-about 
Agenda: https://www.redevents.com.sg/lesi-highgrowthtech2021-schedule 
Speaker: https://www.redevents.com.sg/lesi-highgrowthtech2021-speakers