GEXVal CEO Gave a Lecture at JUBILANT Biosys Seminar


GEXVal CEO Gave a Lecture at JUBILANT Biosys Seminar

Juran Kato, PhD, Founder, President, and CEO of GEXVal was invited as a guest lecturer at the 2nd JUBILANT Biosys Seminar, themed “R&D Collaboration Strategy: How to Optimize the Framework for Open Innovation for Efficient and Successful Drug Discovery“, held on November 27 at the JETRO Innovation Garden in Akasaka.

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Our CEO, Juran Kato, PhD, shared the story of how GEXVal achieved value creation through its AI-assisted innovation engine. This success was the result of collaboration between GEXVal Inc. and GEXVal AU Pty Ltd, along with external partners including patient advocacy groups and contract research organizations worldwide. GEXVal’s unique approach and its successful entry into clinical development in Australia, driven by a multidisciplinary global team, were also discussed with an audience of biotech professionals.

JUBILANT Biosys, based in Bangalore, India, is a leading contract research organization providing drug discovery and development services to global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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