Lecture by CEO Dr. Kato in “Introduction – Diseases and Drugs” Class in Kyoto Sangyo University

株式會社 GEXVal
November 30, 2021


 Lecture by Dr. Kato in “Introduction to Diseases and Drugs” Class at Kyoto Sangyo University


CEO of GEXVal. Inc., Dr. Juran Kato, gave a lecture titled “Being a president of venture company in the pharmaceutical industry,” in the “Introduction to Diseases and Drugs” class in Kyoto Sangyo University.

“Introduction to Diseases and Drugs” is a class by Prof. Misuzu Seo, Department of Advanced Life Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences. The class is open to not only students in natural sciences (Information Technology, Life Science) but also those in social sciences (Law, Economics, Business Administration, Sociology) or human sciences (Foreign languages, Cultures) from freshman to senior. Active discussion was held for a wide range of topics, such as issues in the pharmaceutical industry, entrepreneurs, and gender equality. More than 150 students attended the class, and they made many comments. Their comments expressed their interest in drug-repurposing, empathy to people suffering intractable or rare diseases, and positive attitudes for challenges and new possibilities.